Not a job. Not freelancing.

A brand new way to work

Moonrise gives you the independence of freelancing with the stability of a job. It's work, reimagined.

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Be free and secure

With the press of a button, Moonrise pays you a stable salary and benefits to freelance, grow your company, and work independently.

Stable salary

Do the work you love without the stress of financial instability, poor benefits, and DIY admin.

Plus benefits

From health insurance to meal boxes, we've designed Moonrise to make you smile.

On your terms

Choose your own clients and projects. We'll back you with a full-service support team.


Press button.
Get salary.

Connect your bank, answer a few questions, and get a personalized salary and benefits offer in minutes. Get paid consistently every week, no matter what's happening with your clients.


Choose your benefits.

Get covered with awesome health insurance, mobile everything, and thoughtful perks designed to fill your day with little moments of joy.


Meet your support team.

Every member gets a friendly support team who knows your work inside and out. Track down clients, get help with taxes, you name it.

Guaranteed experience

Gas in the tank.
Money in the bank.

Get paid every week no matter what's happening with your clients. We're investing in you, which means we've got your back through good times and bad.

Famous apprentices

Leonardo DaVinci, Benjamin Franklin, Vincent Van Gogh, Elvis Presley, Nikola Tesla, Gordon Ramsay, Ryan Holiday

Meaningful work

Reimagined for you.

Benefits should be for everyone, not just your corporate friends. And since we're rewriting the rules, why not add a splash of fun? Health insurance? Covered. Blue Apron? We got that too.

Differentiate yourself

Knowledge is cheaper and more accessible than ever. Stand apart from the crowd by gaining experience.


Get covered

Moonrise brings community and collaboration to the world of creative work. From day one, you'll be surrounded by fellow creatives and mentors who work with you on projects, offer feedback, and form lasting friendships.

May the odds be ever in your favor

87% of apprentices are employed after completing their apprenticeship, earning more than $50k/year on average.

Do what you love,
minus the risk.

Moonrise isn't freelancing or a job - it's a brand new way to work.
Be more free, less stressed, and focused on the things that matter.

Be less worried

Spend more time on your craft and less time on admin. Higher quality, happier clients, more referrals.

Feel free to move

Work from anywhere or move to an entirely new city knowing you have a steady paycheck waiting for you.

Make taxes a breeze

As a W-2 employee, say goodbye to 1099 forms and freelance taxes. We've got the paperwork covered.

Get help with clients

Let your dedicated support team track down clients, help with legal, send invoices, and mitigate conflicts.

Take care of yourself

Use our insanely awesome benefits package to meditate, work out, go on dates, and save for retirement.

Be less lonely

Join a growing community of vetted, indie creatives who support each other and collaborate on projects.

Simple, Fair Pricing

We guarantee you a base salary with all-inclusive benefits and support. You'll pay 10% of the income you earn from clients, but only if it exceeds your salary.

DIY Freelancing

Seems free, but really isn't

Going it alone gives you 100% of the upside, but most freelancers know there's considerable cost.

Variable payments

Find your own benefits

No support for clients

1099 taxes w/ multiple clients

Our mission
To make work more meaningful by empowering autonomy, creativity, and purpose.