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Be a master.
Host an apprentice.

Transform your entry-level job into a dream apprenticeship with personalized support, near-zero turnover, and a monthly subscription.
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: an arrangement in which someone learns an art, trade, or job under another.

Why Host an apprentice?

Get amazing returns by
making work more meaningful.

Earn $1.47 for
every $1 invested

Hiring an apprentice through Moonrise supercharges team productivity. It's like getting a check for $1500 each month.

Boost innovation, loyalty, & morale

Empowering your team to pass along their skills is proven to improve retention, boost morale, and increase purpose.

near-zero turnover

Apprentices are driven by passion, not paychecks. 89% of apprentices in the US are retained for three years or longer.
hiring, minus the risk

Why hire with Moonrise?

Writing job descriptions, paying for job boards, sifting through endless resumes - hiring is a pain. Moonrise saves you time and money while delivering better candidates.

Hire risk-free with a monthly subscription
Bridge the skills gap with personalized support
Look amazing to candidates and your community
Tap a brand new talent pool of diverse, passionate people
Love Mondays

Make work meaningful
and engaging for your team

71% of employees are looking for new jobs, and only 13% find their work meaningful. Employee disengagement costs employers up to $550B per year. Moonrise makes work meaningful for your apprentice and your team.

Boost loyalty and retention
Free-up productive time and reduce workload
Infuse your team with youthful energy and passion
Better work, better world

Be part of something
bigger than yourself.

We're on a mission to build a better world through better work. By hosting an apprentice, you're investing in your community, empowering debt-free higher education, and making work more meaningful.

Create $27 in societal value for every $1 invested.
Help smart, driven humans avoid thousands in debt.
Join our movement to make work more meaningful.
thoughtful process

Here's how it works.
We think you'll love it.

First, we reimagine your entry-level job.

We'll transform your entry-level job into a dream apprenticeship with meaningful work, 1-on-1 mentorship, and zero debt.

Then we take care of hiring, start to finish.

We'll create the specs, post on relevant job boards, vet applicants, conduct interviews, and choose your apprentice.

Your apprentice starts in 30 days or less.

Apprentices have in-demand tech skills, offer a fresh perspective, and are driven by purpose, not a paycheck.

You pay monthly, benefits included.

Leave the payroll and benefits to us. All you have to do is pay a simple monthly fee and we'll take care of everything.

We provide ongoing support.

With Moonrise, you're never alone. Your support rep will be with you every step of the way to help empower meaningful work.

You provide
meaningful work.

Your apprentice will work directly under you or a mentor on meaningful projects that move the needle for your company.
Everything's included

Sit back and relax.
We've got it covered.

Every Moonrise apprenticeship comes with vacation days, ongoing education, and a growing list of benefits. Add optional insurance, extra time off, or fun perks like Blue Apron and bundle it all into one simple, transparent monthly payment.

Beautiful listings

Incredible benefits

Continuous learning

Growing community



Apprenticeships are a proven path to mastery. But today, most people associate them with blue-collar work. At Moonrise, we're building a world where apprenticeships are accessible for everyone - no matter what color your collar is.

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