Here's why we built Moonrise.

In the beginning, there were apprenticeships.

For most of human history, we entered new professions through apprenticeships. We honed our craft under the careful watch of a master, eventually becoming masters ourselves. But there was a problem: we became overly specialized. We lacked the knowledge and skills that translated into other professions.

Then came college.

In the 17th century, we invented universities to make knowledge accessible. Over time, everyone with sufficient freedom could access knowledge and smart people to help make sense of it. This worked for a long time and was incredibly good for the world. Then something changed.

Welcome the internet.

In 1990, Tim Berners Lee invented the world wide web. Anyone with an internet connection could tap the world's knowledge with their fingertips. Today, we take free online courses from MIT, follow our favorite thinkers on Twitter, and have articles recommended for us based on our reading history.

So what's next?

Knowledge is more accessible than ever, and will only become more so as technology advances and billions more humans come online. But experience - how we apply our knowledge - is growing increasingly scarce. Automation is destroying jobs, globalization is moving freelance opportunities overseas, and the jobs we do have leave us feeling disengaged.

Humans need experience.

Say you want to be a marine biologist. Today, you can watch YouTube videos, buy hundreds of books on Amazon, and even take online courses for free. But to get experience, you need permission, and that permission comes from employers. How do you get permission? Ironically, by having experience.

But our education system is still built on knowledge.

And that's where we are today. We sit in classrooms for 22 years to learn things we could discover in seconds with technology invented almost 30 years ago. Rather than earning money while gaining meaningful experience, we pay money to forgo it. To move humanity forward, we must flip the model. That's why we started Moonrise.

We're flipping the model.

Moonrise exists to empower experience. Today, we reimagine entry-level jobs as dream apprenticeships with no experience required. We're taking a model backed by science and thousands of years of trial and error, and bringing it into the 21st century. You can change careers, learn a new skill, and build an amazing network - without any debt at all. The beautiful part? We're just getting started.

Join us.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know the story behind Moonrise. We thrive on feedback, so please tweet us or email our founder to share your thoughts. A journey of a thousands miles begins with a single step, and we'd love to take the next step with you.

P.S. If you read this whole thing, you're definitely our type of person. Here's a gif to celebrate your awesomeness.

A note from the founder

Inside each of us is a creative, warm, independent spirit bursting at the seams to express itself. This childlike sense of wonder is what makes us special, but it's often extinguished in the chaos of school and work. Moonrise is a reminder that there's another option in life. One that places meaning at the forefront of human experience. Here's the hoping you find it, whether it's with us or not. Thank you so much for being here. I can't wait to meet you.

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